”The Dance of Life:
A Holistic Movement Exploration for Mind, Body & Soul”  Yocheved Polonsky, Founder,
CLI Judaic Institute of Dance
- Febuary 14th at 12:00 noon. (Part of Lunch 'n Learn)
Yocheved Polansky, director of Creative Learning Institute of Dance has been Choreographing and Dancing for the past 20 years.  Yocheved is the producer of :"Blessings"  a dance concert of inspirational contemporary lyrical, hip hop and theatrical performance, and is a founding member of ATARA, Association of Torah and the Arts for Religious Artists.
Yocheved fuses her training in modern, jazz, ballroom, and contemporary ballet into a fusion style that reaches the dancer in each one of us....the art of dance is a cli,  a vessel to reach beyond the movement and transform the moment within us and beyond.
A dance class that moves the mind body and spirit.... Class will begin with flowing stretches that integrate concepts of the body's energy centers (relating to the Sefirot), followed by dances that fuse fun and energetic movement with meaning.